Every client’s situation is unique.  These are general answers – they are not a replacement for an individualized consultation with the attorney.

To have your specific questions answered, please call to schedule a consultation.

What is a consultation?

Most new clients will have to schedule a consultation to speak with Attorney Loomis. Consultations are $250, last 45 minutes, and can be in-person or by phone. During this time, you will have the attorney’s undivided attention, and she will spend quite a bit of time reviewing your documents and talking to you about the details so she can fully understand the matter. This is a great opportunity to have your questions answered and receive general feedback while deciding if you wish to discuss having Attorney Loomis handle your matter fully. However, there is no obligation for either party to work together thereafter.

What if I just have general questions about my matter?

Please call the office to discuss if your matter is something the attorney handles. If so, you can schedule a consultation to generally discuss your matter and ask questions you may have. Attorney Loomis will answer your questions to the best of her ability given the information provided and short timeframe to review the documents during the consultation. She will provide general advice and feedback given her experience regarding your matter.

What if I want Attorney Loomis to handle my matter after the consultation?

During the consultation you can discuss the attorney’s fees and retainer agreement details.

How do I know if I want to hire Attorney Loomis to handle my matter?

Consultations are the perfect opportunity for new clients to receive general advice on their matter and decide if they feel they would work well with the attorney. Unfortunately, to ensure our current clients are served to the best of our ability, unscheduled and unpaid consultations, interviews, phone calls, or emails are not possible unless they concern a personal injury matter.

Please be sure to look at our About page to learn more about the Attorney’s experience and areas of focus.

What is an IOLTA Trust Account?

After the consultation and terms of representation have been decided, new clients will complete the Letter of Engagement and be asked to deposit a designated amount of money in the West Virginia State Bar IOLTA (Interest on Lawyer’s Trust Account) for which Attorney Loomis is the fiduciary. From this account, the office will deduct fees and expenses as they are billed.  (The alternative is to keep an updated credit card on file.)

You can read more about IOLTA here.

More information will be provided in the Letter of Engagement.


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